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Just The Two Of Us

Before I met my husband, Aaron, I'd done a lot of solo travelling, taking myself on a round-the-world trip for a year after uni, and using the long summer holidays to tour Europe. I couldn't imagine "settling down", and so didn't think I would ever marry.

Within a few weeks of meeting, we'd planned a holiday to Croatia. We knew we'd found a kindred spirit in each other when after a few days travelling down the coast to Dubrovnik, we'd hatched a plan to go to Bosnia instead, as all the beaches and pretty resorts felt a little dull compared with the adventure of getting of the beaten path in Sarajevo.

We were engaged within weeks of returning from our adventure, married four months later. We had a simple wedding - I wore a bridesmaid dress to cut costs, and we exchanged vows outdoors, by a little river, with just 50 close friends and family. We spent the rest of the wedding budget on a month-long tour of Japan.

Over the next seven years, we went to as many far flung destinations as we could fit in with our annual leave from our office jobs, roughing it as much as  possible so we could afford to go further. We hired a self-drive 4*4 in Mongolia so that we could wild camp our way around, we crossed the Thorung-la Pass in Nepal on my 30th birthday, we went to Iceland 3 times, cross-country skiing in Norway, wild camping in Jordan, along with a lot of wild camping around Ireland in between.

Basically, we were trying to fit in as much as we could, while we could. Everyone kept telling us that life changes when you have kids, so make the most of it while you can. So we did just that, and along the way, we learnt a lot on how to go a long way on a budget, how to travel super-light - all the things I want to share with you on these blog posts...

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