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Us Plus Bump

After all our years of adventuring, trying to fit it all in and putting children off as long as possible, we finally came up with the notion that maybe everyone was wrong, maybe we could have kids AND keep up adventuring. 

So we went on a few trips with the question in our minds - "Could we do this with kids?" And we found that more often than not, the answer was "Why on earth not?!"

It remains to be seen if we're are right on this, or incredibly naive, I will keep you posted when "José" (our pet name for the bump) arrives in December.

What we have discovered during the pregnancy is that everyone else has indeed been wrong so far. In various stages of pregnancy, I have been cross-country skiing in Finland, wild camped in the Outer Hebrides, toured around Slovenia and the Faroe Islands, taken a few hikes in Tenerife, and wild camped and hiked closer to home around Ireland. I found that when I listened to my own body, rather than what everyone else was telling me I could and couldn't do, I could do more than I had imagined, with a few minor adjustments.

I've never pushed myself, and I take it pretty easy within advice of my doctor but I have still managed to have plenty of adventures, and learnt a bit along the way on how to do it, and make it as easy as possible on myself. All of which I want to share with you on these blog posts...

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