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Wild and windy Donegal

Now that we've gone full time with the photography business, there is quite a blur between weekends and working days. We enjoy what we are doing so much more now, and are really keen to get it all up and running as quickly as possible.

Rugged Donegal coastline

We tend to work Saturdays and Sundays, so that we can take some time off when things are quieter during the week, but the result is that quite often, we don't get around to taking a weekend at all. After a few weeks of this, we thought we needed a bit of compulsory down time, and so we headed off to Donegal, on Ireland's North West coast for a few days.

Donegal often has the worst of the already wet and wild Irish weather, and this week was no exception - but with full waterproofs at the ready, it felt really good to get the wind in our faces to blow away all the cobwebs of sitting at a computer for too long over the last few weeks. And the beauty of the volatile weather, is that a lot of the time, you get these stunning landscapes all to yourself - even when the sun does come out, it is often so fleeting, that unless you are already there with your picnic, you will miss it altogether!

We walked up Ireland's tallest sand dune at Dooey Point - starting to get a bit tricky for me in the heat at 5 months pregnant, so I was going a bit slower than usual, which gave Aaron extra time to scout out the dunes for photography before I spoiled them with my footprints!

Walking on Rossnowlagh beach, we were a bit startled when a rock we were walking right past moved! As it turns out, it wasn't a rock at all, but a baby seal, just hanging around waiting for its mum to come back from hunting. We were a bit worried about it, so walked past a few times over the course of a few hours or so, trying to decide if we needed to call in some wildlife rescue. It seemed so chilled out, and just looked up at us sleepily each time we passed. We read up on it, and all the advice was to leave it be unless it was still there after the next high tide. And sure enough, after the next high tide, it was gone, safely collected by mum.

So don't wait for some nice weather before planning a trip, or going exploring - just get out there!

Just make sure you've packed these bits and bobs, and then you really are good to go..

Essentials for a trip in Ireland (in any month)

  • Full waterproofs (jacket and trousers)

  • Waterproof hiking boots

  • Sunglasses

  • Warm jacket

  • Stoic attitude towards the changeable weather!

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