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About Rewild Your Child

I've always been an advocate for unleashing the child within - collect shells, study flowers close up, splash in puddles and balance on curbs, it is attention to detail in the world around us that keeps us happy, and nourishing novelty that keeps us young. 

For the last fifteen years (in fact more or less since I became an adult) I've focussed on harnessing the joy of a childlike interest in the world. 


Solo backpacking in my early twenties got me started. When I met my husband, also a traveller, we upscaled the adventure by going further off the beaten path, wild camping and hiking our way around this beautiful world.

While pregnant, we kept the adventures up. It's surprising - you can do a lot more than people would have you think if you put your mind to it.

Now that Esme has come along, we plan to keep wild camping, travelling off the beaten path, and general outdoor adventuring so that we don't lose our inner child, and we bestow on our child all there is to love about the wild world.

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