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Review - Stretchy wrap baby carrier

Newborn baby in stretchy wrap sling

OVERVIEW: A cosy, supportive carrier for very young babies, fits all wearers, but a bit of hassle to tie each time.

SCORE: 4/5

I've been using this Love Radius (by Je Porte mon Bebe) stretchy wrap carrier now since Esme was just a few days old (and just under 7 lbs). It offers great support for very young babies, as you can use two of the three panels to support her head no matter which way her head is turned. I would have kept it tied all day, so that I could pop her in when ever I needed to. It was great to be able to keep her upright for most of the day, as she had reflux. And I love having my hands free to be able to get on with things around the house. It also meant we were able to get out a lot in the early days, not just to the shops and to the park, but to the beach and the forest. Esme was a winter baby, so I didn't mind having the wrap on all day, whether she was in it or not, but now that it's got into the summer, it would be too hot to wear all day. I think it would also be a bit too hot for Esme to be in in the summer, as the material is very thick, there is three layers of it, and not much air flow around or between our bodies . So what makes it ideal for a new born to feel secure and comfy is a bit of a disadvantage once they get a bit bigger - Esme now likes a bit more freedom to kick around and stretch out.

The reason I liked to keep it tied all day is that it's a bit of hassle to tie. Once I got used to it, I would only have to tie it up once, and it would take a minute or so, but in the early days, I might have to tie it a few times before I got it right, and it would have taken a good few minutes or so to tie it up properly. Doesn't sound like long, until you have a crying, reflux-y baby who has now been sick every where because you set her down for too long!

Because you tie it from scratch, it will fit all wearers. This is a big advantage when sharing carrying with your partner, and means you don't need to worry about what size to buy. 

We don't have a buggy or pram, and the Tula carrier wasn't ideal when she was very tiny, so I'm really grateful we had the stretchy wrap carrier so I was able to carry her safely and easily in all sorts of terrain.  For about 6 weeks it was the only sling we had, and I got pretty adept at popping her in and out when out and about. I was even able to feed her discreetly whilst standing waiting at the bus stop. 


  • Cosy and supportive as a stretchy wrap for a new born.

  • Comfy for standing, walking or sitting, with its wide shoulder straps and soft fabric.

  • Weight well distributed so easy to carry even when baby gets heavier.

  • One size fits all so can be used by mum, dad, granny and anyone else you can convince to babysit!

  • One size also fits all for baby - you can use from birth - Esme was first in at about 3 days old.

  • Can feed discreetly while carrying baby (standing or sitting).


  • A bit too warm in hot weather

  • Needs to be tied afresh each time.

  • Can take a bit of getting used to to get it tied correctly.

  • Takes a bit of time to tie - too long when you have a reflux-y baby

  • Not as easy to carry a heavier baby - the Tula feels more supportive of Esme's weight now.



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