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Review - Tula baby carrier

Tula baby carrier with new-born inset

OVERVIEW: A well made, attractive, robust and comfortable carrier that is easily adjusted to fit the user

SCORE: 4.5/5

I've been using the Tula carrier now since Esme was about 6 weeks old. I had been using a stretchy sling from she was a few days old, and found it a bit of a hassle to tie, especially when she was upset, or had just fed, and couldn't be set down because of her reflux.

When I first got the Tula, it didn't feel as cosy for Esme, as there are gaps at the sides, where the stretchy wrap would have covered her sides up completely, and there is less support for her head than there was with the wrap. However, within a few weeks, it had become the go-to sling for me, and the wrap has been lying un-used for months now - it's just so easy to use, quick to pop on, and comfortable to carry Esme in, especially now that she's got heavier. She's almost grown out of the new-born insert now, which will make it even handier to use, and now that she's taller, it's easier to make sure her legs are positioned correctly, as they now pop out of the leg holes.

We don't have a buggy or pram, so it's what I take out in the car with me when I'm going shopping - it's very quick and easy to pop her into it in a carpark (whereas the wrap took longer, and would have been trailing on the ground). She's now accustomed to falling asleep for her nap in the sling, it works whether we are out walking, or just pottering about in the house. She's now about 6kg, and I find it really comfortable to carry her, and I hope that daily practice will mean I can still carry her easily as she gets bigger.

I would be lost without my Tula now, I have her in it for hours a day. I work in the home office at a standing desk while she sleeps, we go for walks to the park, on the beach, to the shops - I can use it anywhere a buggy can go, plus a lot more places!


  • Handy pocket for carrying phone, money or burp cloth.

  • Safety feature on buckle that is easy to use.

  • Comfy padded straps make it comfortable for baby and your shoulders.

  • Weight sits on hips so easy to carry as baby gets heavier.

  • Fully adjustable straps mean it can be used by mum, dad, granny and anyone else you can convince to babysit!

  • Massive choice of patterns - Esme likes her colourful hot air balloon, and I like the neutral grey.

  • New-born insert is available meaning you can use from birth - Esme was in hers at about 6 weeks.

  • Quick to put on - just two buckles to do up, especially once they don't need the new-born insert.

  • Easy to use - no complicated wrapping and tying.


  • Not quite as cosy or supportive as a stretchy wrap for a new born.

  • Some people may find it awkward reaching the clip between the shoulders (I find it easy, but Aaron finds it slightly hard to reach).

  • Not the most comfortable to keep on while sitting as the hip strap is thick and wide (though this makes it more comfortable to walk with, and it kind of defeats the purpose to be sitting down with it!)

  • You can't really see your feet so not ideal for very tricky ground like scrambling over rocks at the coast (though I'm not sure any baby carrier would be any better!)


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