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Working with baby

Think working from home is the perfect solution to making money and spending time with baby? Think again - if you don't plan ahead a bit, and work around baby, you run in circles very fast!

Working from home at a standing desk

After 5 months, here's how I juggle work and baby:

Have a (long) to-do list

You're going to need to work around baby, and jump at any chance you get to do a bit of work, no matter how fleeting -don't waste all that time trying to think of what you should be doing! Certain types of tasks will suit baby's mood at any given opportunity so a long list will give you more options!

Get set up

See what your phone can do for you - I can email, edit photos, update social media, write blog posts, manage bookings & do internet research without going near my laptop. Works perfectly one-handed while feeding-there's 3 hours work squeezed in every day right there.

Try a standing desk

Spent an hour pacing the streets trying to get baby to sleep in the sling only for them to waken as soon as you sit down or set them down? Stand while you work, they'll stay sleeping much longer, and better for your health too!

Time it right

After many days battling with baby to sleep so I could get some work done, or trying to entertain her on my knee while emailing, I've given up - it didn't work and I was just doing everything badly. Now, I save my errands out and about for nap time - Esme goes to sleep easily when walked in the sling or out in the car, and I get things done - double bonus!

For now, things are going well, I feel I've finally cracked it after a lot of frustration on all sides. Watch this space for when she starts crawling - I might need a babysitter!

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